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Coldwater Counseling Center

The soul cannot exist without its other side, which is always found in a "You." -- C. G. Jung

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Coldwater Counseling Center is a non profit organization whose primary mission is to provide depth psychotherapy--that which takes into account the reality of an unconscious psyche--to the community at affordable rates.  Another part of our mission is to provide education and training in the practice of depth psychotherapy to those on our staff who provide these services.  We have certified Jungian analysts and analytically oriented therapists associated with us who provide supervision that integrates the approaches of depth psychology to clinical practice.

Therapists who have had their own analytical work and continue to be in some form of analysis or depth psychotherapy that is acceptable to CCC may qualify for a staff position at Coldwater Counseling Center.  The training part of our mission is designed to provide therapists who have been in some form of their own depth psychological process the opportunity to integrate this experience into their ongoing clinical work with patients.

Because we offer our services to the community on a sliding scale basis in order to make them as affordable as possible to the public, a staff position does not offer significant financial reward.  Those who work for us are augmenting their private practice or other employment for the primary purpose of gaining further clinical experience and analytic supervision as well as some additional income.   Our supervisors provide their services to us at a reduced rate.

Often we have MFT or LCSW Associates apply for staff positions as well as licensed therapists.   Associates who have been in and continue to be in their own analytical work or depth psychotherapy process may thus qualify to be on staff.  Coldwater Counseling Center employs qualified associates as a part of its staff to assume caseloads as our licensed therapists do. The understanding is that any person joining our staff as an associate makes a commitment to our patients as a member of our staff that continues when the associate becomes licensed.  (We do not accept trainees unless they have completed their degree and are close to becoming an MFT or LCSW Associate.)

Thus Coldwater Counseling Center does not offer the kind of “internships” found in many other clinical settings--a time-limited program of a year or other fixed period in which an associate gains hours towards licensure and after this fixed amount of time their employment ends.  Such an approach, from our point of view, is often not in the best interest of patients.  Therefore at Coldwater Counseling Center when associate staff members are licensed they continue with their assigned caseload of patients on behalf of Coldwater Counseling Center as do those who begin as licensed therapists.



1.  Those working as staff therapists at Coldwater Counseling Center must be in some form of analysis or depth psychotherapy acceptable to CCC that helps them monitor their own psychological issues and their countertransference reactions to patients.


2.  Caseloads are dependent on our intake volumes, but most licensed therapists carry caseloads from four to ten patients (individuals and couples), associates from ten to twelve, as they are required to work a minimum of forty hours per week.  Some see more.


3.  We pay licensed therapists a percentage of the fees collected, 55% if using CCC offices and 65% if the therapist provides the office space.  Licensed therapists sign a letter of agreement as an independent contractor.  Associates, since they are not licensed, are paid on an hourly basis and are considered employees.  Because we are a sliding scale agency and incur extra overhead by having employees we pay associates at the current minimum wage rate (presently $14.25 per hour). Once licensed those who begin on staff as associates usually choose to become independent contractors and are paid accordingly.


4.  Supervision is offered to Coldwater Counseling Center therapists for CCC patients at a reduced rate.  Frequency of supervision of licensed therapists is determined by the CCC supervisor and the therapist on the basis of caseload size and the intensity of the work with patients.  Frequency of supervision for associates must follow the requirements of the State of California.  CCC arranges to pay its supervisors (who are generally Jungian analysts as well as licensed therapist) at an affordable rate that reflects our sliding scale policies.


5.  There are no other fees charged to licensed therapists or associates.


6.  CCC provides office space and voice mail service for those therapists who choose to use these services.  If space is available, licensed therapists may rent office space from CCC to see private patients at CCC offices.


7.  Therapists and associates must carry professional liability insurance and add Coldwater Counseling Center on to this policy as an additional insured.


8.  Coldwater Counseling Center has a ­mandatory monthly clinic meeting that includes group supervision and meets on the third or fourth Monday of every month from 7:30 p.m. p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


9.  Intake reports, annual clinic reports, and closing reports are to be submitted in a timely and professional manner to the Clinic Director and the Executive Director.


10.  We ask for the highest ethical standards of our profession.  Therapists are to be committed to serving the patient’s needs for further awareness, growth and development.  It is expected that the therapist will be in a consistent process of his/her own self-awareness and development and will examine any countertransference issues that may arise within him/her while working with patients using the resources of regular personal analysis and ongoing clinical supervision.  CCC also places a high value on the professional/collegial relationships of all therapists working at CCC.  Clinic meetings foster open communication and discussion of any issues that may arise.


11.  Associates only.  Patients referred directly to an associate and not assigned by Coldwater Counseling Center can be seen by the associate at Coldwater Counseling Center.  Once the associate is licensed these patients become private clients of the newly licensed therapist.



Anyone interested in working at Coldwater Counseling Center should send a resume and cover letter to Coldwater Counseling Center at, or by direct mail to our business address: 20301 Ventura Blvd, Suite 214, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 The cover letter can be from one to two pages and should describe how you became interested in depth psychology, how you came into you own analytical/psychotherapeutic process, some of the issues and themes that you have addressed, and how you envision yourself as a practicing therapist in the future.