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Coldwater Counseling Center

The soul cannot exist without its other side, which is always found in a "You." -- C. G. Jung

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Coldwater Counseling Center--Home Page

          Most people have thoughts and feelings about themselves that are confusing and unresolved. Consequently, behind our everyday social masks may lay anxiety, depression, loneliness, meaninglessness, or a general sense of emptiness--professionally, emotionally, and spiritually.

          Our fast-paced society rarely reaches into these parts or ourselves.  Psychotherapy has proven to be an effective way to help identify our unconscious needs and desires and learn to address them.  Whether these might result from childhood difficulties or more recent life experience, we can learn to change old destructive patterns and discover more creative, rewarding ones.

          Coldwater Counseling Center is a resource to help individuals of all ages, couples, and families explore their inner, wounded and unfulfilled spaces.  We are committed to helping individuals toward greater awareness of themselves, their relationships with others, and with the world.

          Our therapists are licensed clinicians or registered associates.  Each therapist has his or her own special areas of counseling expertise and interest.  Most are trained in the depth psychology of C. G. Jung, and all are skilled in various other therapeutic modalities.  Five Jungian analysts are associated with our Counseling Center.

         Note: We are offering our services during the coronavirus pandemic through telemedicine only.  Our therapists are interacting with clients by phone and through a variety of visual mediums as well.  Thus we can offer assistance through these stressful times while honoring the needs for social distancing to help stop the spread of this virus.

Our Commitment

Our therapists are committed to honor each individual's search for self discovery.

  • All our therapists share a commitment to help individuals and families in the process of greater self-understanding and well-being.

  • All our therapists share a commitment to pursue their own therapy--so they the are better equipped to focus on serving their clients' concerns instead of their own unresolved conflicts.

  • All our therapists respect their clients' needs for confidentiality and privacy.

  • All our therapists value each person's individual spirituality as important in the journey of self-discovery and healing.

Our Logo

People usually come to therapy in some form of darkness.  Examining this  darkness in a safe environment can help find the light side and get life moving again.  The raven--in some Native American mythology--brings the light of the creator to earth for the benefit of human beings.  (See the  Raven Brings the Light page for a full version of this story.)
Coldwater Counseling Center
(818) 508-0703
4419 Coldwater Canyon Avenue
Suites A and E
Studio City, CA 91604

Make an Appointment or Talk to Someone for Further Information


Eliza Ann Mitchell is our Intake Coordinator.  Call and leave a message for our Intake Staff on our voice mail and someone will return your call in one or two business days.   Eliza and her staff can answer any questions or concerns you might have and help you set up an initial appointment.  You can also email them at:


Learn About our Part-Time Staff Positions


Click on the Staff Position Overview page to learn more about our staff positions, prerequisites and how to apply.
Steve Galipeau, our Executive Director, is the person to contact if interested in joining the Coldwater Counseling Center staff.  Licensed Therapists, Registered MFT Associates, and LCSW Associates are welcome to apply.  All positions are part-time.  Email Steve at: