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The soul cannot exist without its other side, which is always found in a "You." -- C. G. Jung

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                  Coldwater Counseling Center



                        Winter 2018


The unrelated human being lacks wholeness, for he can achieve wholeness only through the soul, and the soul cannot exist without its other side, which is always found in a "You."               --C. G. Jung



            This past year has crept along with assaults on so many levels.  On a daily basis we can pick up the paper (still my preference) or go online and hear about the irrational and unpredictable antics of our current administration, or even more deadly the latest mass shooting. While at the same time Mother Nature seems particularly “hot under her collar,” as fires have been breaking out all over California.  Life is heating up on many levels.

            The Winter Solstice is a particularly good time to nestle in the familiarity of a good story, one that can connect us to the transpersonal symbolic world.  Over the years our family has enjoyed returning to many holiday themed films or episodes of favorite televisions shows. One of the television variety is found in the third season of the 1990s series Northern Exposure titled “Seoul Mates,” which won an Emmy for its writers.  As was often the case with this show there are several subplots in this episode.  The primary one involves the discovering by Maurice, the ex-astronaut and resident business entrepreneur, that he has a grown son, Duc Won, by an old liaison when he fought in the Korean war.  Maurice has great difficulty accepting his son, as he puts it, “this is not the son I bargained for.”  Chris Stevens, the imaginative deejay, resident artist, and part time minister (via an ad in Rolling Stone), suggests to Maurice that he has the problem of encountering “the other,” which for Maurice is essentially a cultural issue.  Maurice is still dumbfounded, but Chris reminds him that such bias is learned behavior.  When Maurice questions its applicability to him, Chris notes that he can unlearn it.  We wait to see if Maurice will have a personal epiphany about this.  He does!

            There are other subplots involving other characters including, Joel, a New York Jewish doctor, paying off a medical education loan to Alaska in this small town.  Joel ponders the appropriateness of having a Christmas tree.  Marilyn, his receptionist, who has a key role in the Native American Raven pageant, tells Joel the story of how Raven Brings the Light, the story which is the basis for the Counseling Center’s logo.

            For his contribution to the solstice season Chris passes on to his listeners a Christmas Eve memory when he was alone at home at age seven.  As a child he had heard an old legend that at midnight on Christmas Eve all the animals speak praises to the new born divine child.  So Chris waited to see if his dog Buddy could talk.  In the end he tells us that his dog did talk!  He tells his listeners that he doesn’t recall the exact words, but at seven he did experience his own personal epiphany that night.   His point, which I pass on to you, is that this time of year presents itself to each of us in our own personal way, both secular and sacred, and that whatever the season is, and it is many things for many people, there may be a gift for everybody, much like Santa’s bag! His wish for each of us is, “may your dog talk.”  Just as the raven has spoken to Native Americans of this area for hundreds of years, and even today, as Ernestine Hayes describes in her book The Tao of Raven: an Alaskan Native Memoir, all of us can look for a way for the living symbol to touch us.  This can be through pets, wild animals, and other aspects of life that might come alive in us new and mysterious ways.

Note: Past articles of The Symbolic Life can be found on The Symbolic Life Archives page of the website.


Staff Updates 

           Early this past year we welcomed Mona Zanjani, M. A., LMFT to our staff.  Mona received her Master of Arts Degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles and has worked for several years previously at the Maple Center.  Her private practice is in Woodland Hills.

          This spring Bree Schellenbach and  Eliza Pfister became Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.  Congratulations, Bree and Eliza!

          At the end of summer we welcomed Felipe Capiral, M. A. and Jenny Hannah, M. A. to our staff.  Felipe has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a Master of Arts degree in Transformational Psychology at the University of Philosophical Research.  He previous worked at the Ness Counseling Center in Los Angeles.

          Jenny received her Master of Arts in Psychology (with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy) from Phillips Graduate Institute.  She is also an MFT Associate at the University of the West in Rosemead.  Past experience includes work at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles  and OPICA Adult Day Care Services.

          Steve Galipeau, our Executive Director and Newsletter Editor, lectured twice in November on Jung’s Typology as part of the C. G. Jung Institute’s yearlong certificate program in Jungian studies. One group met at the Jung Institute and a second two weeks later at the Studio School in downtown Los Angeles.  In December and January Steve will be teaching candidates at the Jung Institute  in Los Angeles on "Fairy Tales, Myth and Amplification." 

           Further Information concerning our staff can be found on the Professional Staff Page of the website.

Women's Group

Two of our staff, Inna Kashani and Jenny Hannah plan to start a women’s group in January.  Anyone interested can contact them by calling our phone number (818) 508-0703 and leaving them a message or by email at  They can send you a flyer with more information.

Staff Applications

 We currently have prospective clients waiting to be seen for therapy. We invite Licensed therapists, MFT Associates, or LCSW Associates interested in working in a clinical environment that provides an opportunity for supervision in depth psychotherapy to contact us.  Applicants should be actively pursuing some form of their own depth psychotherapy or analysis and have completed their degree (or be close to doing so). Visit the Staff Position Overview page of our website for further information.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization donations of any size play a crucial role in our success in fulfilling our mission to bring depth psychotherapy to others in an affordable way.  Keeping fees down for patients amidst rising overhead is an ongoing challenge.  In particular, unlike many clinics, we pay interns, and as minimum wage amounts increase, this makes budgeting more challenging. During the past four years we have averaged over 5000 client hours during the course of a year.  Donations, which are tax deductible, canbe sent directly to us by regular mail using the enclosed envelope.  We will send you a letter as a receipt for tax purposes acknowledging your donation. You can also donate on our website by going to  our Non Profit Donation page. 


Summer Newsletter 


We publish a Summer Newsletter and a Winter Solstice Newsletter.  To keep costs down, we only send the summer newsletter out by email.  If you would like to receive both Newsletters by email, and/or you would like to receive the Winter Solstice Newsletter by regular mail, you can email us your preferences and email and postal mailing addresses at


Editor: Steve Galipeau